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Steve Lerch

Founder and President
Story Arc Consulting

The Bridge to Trust: Understanding Confused Consumers

Steve Lerch is an award-winning international public speaker and consultant, and a highly respected voice in the world of digital strategy, marketing, consumer behavior, and innovation. He's served as a guest lecturer as prestigious institutions like Georgetown University and the University of Pittsburgh as well as given keynote speeches for multiple college and high school graduations. His high-energy style perfectly blends humor, inspirational stories, and actionable advice, which makes him a perfect choice for larger more aspirational keynote addresses as well as more specific breakout and education sessions.

Having spent nearly a decade at Google, working in both Mountain View, California and Washington, DC, Steve has had the opportunity to partner with, and learn from, some of the most innovative brands in the world, like GoPro, FitBit, and Roku. He leveraged his digital expertise to help design and launch the first ever digital campaigns for now hugely successful companies like Nest and LifeProof. Over the last five years, Steve has helped federal government agencies, non-profits, and trade associations better understand and embrace digital strategies as a means of more effectively engaging their partners and consumers.

Steve recently founded and serves as the President of Story Arc Consulting. In this role, he leverages his nine years at Google and the experiences gained from serving as a digital strategy consultant to dozens of the world's most well-known brands, to bring independent consulting services to companies across various industries, and to bring his unique perspective to the stage at various conferences and events.

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